What to do with your Blogger Website

So you have a great Blogger website! What to do with it now? There are options!
 Ì  Make great Domain/Username for your website Go
 Ì  Use Google Analytics to track its performance Go
 Ì  Use Google Webmaster Tools to analyse traffic Go
 Ì  Apply for Google Adsense so your site can earn money Go
 Ì  Use a free Search Engine Submission to get traffic Go
 Ì  Make a Favicon! Go
 Ì  Add Social Media Buttons Go
 Ì  Use a Keyword Generator so search engines find you Go
 Ì  How about your own Logo?
 Ì    Automatic send to Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook Go
 Ì  Like a Free Blog Hit Counter?
 Ì  Give your website a new Background Go
 Ì  Keep your readers on your site Link Within Go
 Ì  Make a professional copyright attribution Go
 Ì  Problems filling out website Forms? Go
 Ì  Keep your files safe & accessible Google Drive  Go
 Ì  Link another great blog as a sub-domain Go
 Ì  Add a Forum to your blog! Go
 Ì  About Custom Robot Tags Go
 Ì  About Page Not Found - 404 errors Go
 Ì    Change the Background of a Post Go
 Ì  Earn Money for your Blog with Squidoo! Go
 Ì  How about a Drop Cap for your Post or Comment?
 Ì   Add a free Live Traffic Feed or Flag Counter to your website Go
Ì Change your landing page Go
Ì Make a Search Bar using Free Find, Google or Try These

Domain Name
You might need help in finding a great domain name. Name Station, Nameboy, Dot-o-mator, Username Generator or Business Name Generator or Fantasy Name Generator are all excellent sites to get ideas. Have fun creating! Click here for instructions on how to apply your new domain name. (See 2014 instructions to add your own domain name at http://www.techinfoknow.com/2014/05/blogger-custom-domain.html)

Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a great place to provide you with all types of information about your website. Sign in or make a new account with Google Analytics. Fill out your site information (Fig 1) or create New Property (Fig 2). Obtain your tracking code in the Admin section by selecting your site name and choosing Tracking Code. Copy the code it will look like UA-1345834-6.

Fig 1 Your site information

Fig 2 Create a new property

Open Blogger Template and find the </body> tag and insert the highlighted line above it, this will import the tracking code into every page of your site. If you do not insert this code your site will still send data to Google Analytics but the data will not be complete as it will not issue data for Realtime users.

<b:include name='google-analytics' data='blog'/> 

DO NOT COPY THE CODE (Fig 3) AND INSERT INTO EVERY PAGE AS ANALYTIC'S INSTRUCTS YOU TO - this is the old method and will not work (see Fig 3). Check for yourself by going into Reporting/Real Time/Overview. If you have your webpage open it will say "1 right now active user on the site".

Fig 3 It is no longer necessary to paste this code
It has been tried and tested that it is best to copy both codes placed into the Header & Footer area of SEO under the Settings tab of Weebly sites.
Weebly Settings for Google Analytics

Google Webmaster Tools
Webmaster Tools is a powerful tool to help your website run at its best. Sign in with your google  account and choose the Add a Site button at the top right. Paste the url and then verify your ownership by choosing Google Analytics (Fig 4). You can then view your Dashboard.

Fig 4 Verify with Google Analytics

Webmaster tools has a list of different types of URLs to enter as a site. (Fig 5). It is important that your site is listed with the 'www' and without the 'www'. Add your site as many times as required and verify each time with Google Analytics (other methods of verifying can be chosen but this is the easiest).

Fig 5
How to add your url to Webmaster Tools

Click here to learn more about Webmaster Tools.
Google Adsense>
Google Adsense is a no nonsense approach to getting adds on your website. When you make your application Adsense will look over your Google Account thoroughly  so make sure you have filled out as much information about yourself as possible.  It is best not to apply for Adsense until your website is a little bit further developed with posts and pages, this will  avoid  being denied due to insufficent content.

Apply for Adsense by clicking on the Earnings tab on your Blogger site and filling out the application.

When you are approved for Google Adsense the easiest and quickest way to put ads on your site is by adding the Google Adsense gadget. The colors of your website are automatically integrated and the ads look great. You can choose how to display ads on your site by clicking on Earnings and viewing your Google Adsense Dashboard.
If you have other websites you do not need to be re-approved for Adsense. Just use the gadget to apply ads as you did with your first website. Remember to enable custom robots.txt (Fig 6).

Fig 6 Enable custom robots.txt
It is a good idea to keep a regular check on your Adsense Home Accounts to deal with problems as they occur.

Page Not Found
This is a common error that baffles most newbies. It is a url problem and can occur when you either have a broken link on your website or your site has been typed in incorrectly. To check for broken links use free Broken Link Checker. These guys are great and will go out of their way to help you.
If you have no broken links on your site do not stress, the problem will disappear by itself.
Add your url to the Sites Authorised to Show Ads section in your Google Adsense Account Settings with and without the 'www'. Do not add slashes as these are considered illegal characters. Sometimes you will find a url waiting for inclusion. Accept this even if the url looks strange (you can test that it is your website by pasting the strange url into the address bar and pressing enter).
Click here to find out more about using Blogger.
Search Engine Submission
There are many free Search Engine Submission Directories available. An example is addme.com or Submit Express or AddPro. Easy and straight forward. 

Another method of being found by search engines is by posting a link to your website from any well-known, frequently-crawled site that is likely to send the search engine spiders your way. Large sites such as Twitter and Facebook are crawled constantly throughout the day.
  • List your website on your Twitter profile.
  • Create a Facebook business page.
  • Have a friend or your web developer announce your new site, with a link.
  • Add your site to a well-know directory, or to local listings.
  • Ping your site.
  • Comment on a popular blog.
  • Bookmark your site on StumbleUpon or Digg.
  • List your site on your Pinterest profile.
Any of these will serve the same purpose as submitting your site to the search engines. And most of these methods involve creating links to your site, which will actually begin to help your search engine ranking as well.

If you have made an error and your website is out there here is what to do. Type in this address and view the cached page.
Change http://example.com/ to any URL.
If your error is live you can try and submit your site address to Google here. This will prompt the spiders to visit your site but if that doesn't work you might just have to wait it out. This site might also help to update seo's.
Give Your Website a Favicon
Favicons are great little symbols that are situated on the left side of your URL in the address bar. There are three ways to make favicons: 
  1. Make a logo then upload it to Favicon Generator.
  2. Make a favicon from a picture in Favicon from Pics
  3. Click here for instructions on how to make your own favicon design.
Apply your favicon in the  Design Layout. If you are having problems making a favicon click here. If you have changed your favicon icon and you cannot see the changes paste this into the address bar and press enter. http://YourBlogUrl/favicon.ico This will show you what favicon is being loaded. Also if you open your website in Chrome or Firefox you will see the correct favicon. Clearing the cache can help and also pressing Ctrl F5.

Add Share Buttons
Add Share This buttons or Add This to your website. 

This link is at the bottom of the page

Select your platform

Select your style

Choose your buttons

Copy the code and follow the instructions for using it
Keyword Tool
Using the right keywords on your website and in your content is absolutely critical to being properly indexed by search engines. SEO Online Keyword Generator Tool can assist you by the following methods:
  • If you have an existing website use the Promote Remote URL
  • If you have a HTML document use Upload Text Document
  • If you have a Word or PDF file use the Paste Body Text

Paste the URL to be processed

Copy and Paste the Keywords into the Head section of your html

Copy and Paste the Description into the Head section of your html

Edit the content to your liking and delete unnecessary words, numbers or characters. Make sure your meta tags are self enclosing and all finish with a space slash <meta name="description" content="...." />

Search Engine Optimisation Report is another tool to help you with the smooth running of your website. Simply type in your URL and wait for the report!
Send your Posts to Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook
New post and just published? Why not send your lastest blog to the world!

To do this you first need an account with Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.
Then go to Feedburner and burn a new feed for your website (follow each link for instructions on how to do this).

Make a new account with Twitterfeed. Click here for a tutorial on how to set up and use Twitterfeed. Your feeds will be linked as shown in Fig 7.

Fig 7 Your connected Feeds
If you are feeling adventurous I suggest that you link Facebook directly through Twitter (Fig 8 & Fig 9) as the end result has a better presentation. (Added Note: Linking through Twitter has been experiencing problems with Posts not showing up)

Fig 8 Facebook in your Twitter Profile

Fig 9 Facebook linked thru Twitter
 You have now made successful feeds from your blog! Within an hour of clicking publish your new posts will show up in Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.
Give your Blog a NEW Background!>
If you go to GRSites and play with the colors, patterns and textures you will find that a multitude of fantastic decisions await you. Hovering over each box will give you an instant background preview. Download your choice by right clicking and selecting "save image."

To use your design go to Blogger Template, Customise, Background. Select Background Image and a box will open with background choices. Choose Upload Image. Select the image you just downloaded from GRSites.

....or a NEW Template

Inspiring Templates for Blogger
Ì  Blogger Templates 2016
Ì 30 best Free Blogger Templates 2016
Ì  55 Best Free Responsive Templates 2016
Ì  My Blogger Themes
Ì  Templateism
Ì Blogger Themes
Ì  Blogger Templates
Ì  Pro Templates Lab
 If the template refuses to save discard the template. If the template asks whether to keep or delete widgets say keep. If some of your images do not show resize these images to 'small'. Before change templates backup your existing template in the Template layout (the button is in the top right corner). Consider trying out a new template in a new blog.

Online Forms
There are times we are required to fill out those pesky information forms that won't submit until all the data is filled in. Here is a way to help you to not give out your private information.
  • Telephone: Use one of your old numbers. Be aware that ordinary mobile numbers won't be accepted. The form will require you to drop the "0" in the front of the "04***" and replace it with, for example, 61 which is the code for Australia. Your number will then read ''614***."  Click here for a complete list of Codes by Country.
  • Email: Use Ten Minute Mail or make a new email address that doesn't have your name as part of  its make-up. Use this address for all those odd reasons, like Google Alerts for example. Your ordinary mail box can get cluttered with all that web information you have requested.
Make a Sub Domain
If you already have your own domain name you might like to have a sub domain for another blog. You could have sales pages, sign up pages, landing pages, anything you like really, you could even start a whole new blog using a sub domain. A sub domain is generated in your domain registrar.
Your normal domain looks like this:
 A sub-domain looks like this:
         www.blog.yourdomainname.com (another website using its own domain name in front of your domain name).

Do I make my new subdomain as an A Record or a CName?
When you are directing your subdomain towards Google use CName. When making a subdomain for another platform use A Records.


Step 1. Go To Google Apps : https://www.google.com/a/  

Step 2 Click "Domain Settings" then "Domain Names" then "Advanced DNS Settings" as shown below :

Step 3. You will be provided with a username and a password to log into Enom and manage the advanced settings. Remember or copy the username and click "Sign in to DNS console" then sign in you management with those details. You will now be a in page similiar to the one below.

Step 5 Choose Host Records and click Edit at the bottom
Step 4. Follow Instructions as shown in image below. Click to see the entire image.

Direct Your Subdomain to Google Blogspot from another Host Provider
In Blogger settings write the new address in without the www. Click save and further instructions will tell you what to paste into your host provider DNS records. 
Copy 1 & 2 into your DNS settings as set out in the image below

Your settings will look like this
Save and close. 

Adjust your Host Records for Google Blogger - works for all Providers

Recent changes to Blogger has made the installation of a subdomain very simple. Go to the Settings/Publishing/Blog Address and type in your new name with the www. Save. The changeover is instant. This has been tried and tested on a top level subdomain. It is presumed to be just as simple on a top level domain.

Keep your Files Safe & Accessible
Google Drive is great way to store a free 5GB of files. It is accessible from many devices and the url can be shared via a link. Drop your file into your Google Drive desktop icon and access Your Drive where you can see your files. Click the file open and copy the URL. Use it as you would a normal link.

If you are feeling adventurous try embedding your file (save as a .pdf first ) as a little e-book by following the instructions here.

How to Insert a pdf booklet into your Blogger website using Google Drive
Open a new page.
Select 'html' for editing.
Copy and paste this code.

<iframe frameborder="0" height="600" src="http://docs.google.com/gview?a=v&amp;pid=explorer&amp;chrome=false&amp;api=true&amp;embedded=true&amp;srcid=0B3LlfQeAdMkPYlExUVpodTZlTTg" width="100%"></iframe>

Go to Your Drive and click on the file you want to embed. Go File > Share. A box will open, copy the address. You will only require a section of the address.


Paste it over the top of the top of the yellow section.
Play with the sizes in green
Change the 'html' to 'Compose' in the edit section of your page. Publish.
Add a Forum to your Blog
Your blog will look professional with its own Forum and attract extra traffic. Sign up with Nabble and get your code by right clicking "Options". If you cannot see all the options make sure that you are logged in as the owner.

Step 1 Create a new page in your blog and paste the code. Publish. It can now be left as is or continue to Step 2 for a professional appearance.
Step 2 To make your new Forum take up the width of the page. Go to blogger template and open the html. Expand all widgets.
Step 3 Press Control F and find <div class='columns fauxcolumns'>  
ABOVE that copy and paste this code:

<b:if cond='data:blog.url == &quot;http://www.links.cyberwalks.com/p/forum.html&quot;'>
<a href='http://cyber-walks.2318034.n4.nabble.com/' id='nabblelink'>Cyber Walks</a>
<script src='http://cyber-walks.2318034.n4.nabble.com/embed/f1'/>


Replace the green with the URL of your forum page.
Replace the pink with the code given to you by Nabble.

Step 4 Press Control F again and find </head>
 ABOVE that copy and paste this code:

<b:if cond='data:blog.url == &quot;http://www.links.cyberwalks.com/p/forum.html&quot;'> <style type='text/css'> #columns { display:none !important; } .columns, .fauxcolumns { display:none !important; } </style>

Replace the green with the URL of your forum page.

When copying and pasting code always make sure that every dot, dash and space are where they should be. If you ever need to search for these codes  in your html just press Control F and search for the word Forum.

Your new Forum page will take up the width of its page giving a very professional appearance. Source
Make Your Copyright Attribution Look Professional
If you are using Blogger for a professional website and have your own domain name, you can delete the "Powered by Blogger" in the footer section by opening up the html in the Template section and using the Edit/Find to look for "Attribution1". Delete the entire section from <b:widget> to </b:widget> as in Fig 10. You can then use a text gadget to insert your own Copyright Information. The other alternative is to change the locked='true' to locked='false', then you can remove the widget.

Delete this section or change the 'true' to 'false'
Link Within
LinkWithin is a blog widget that appears under each post, linking to related stories from your blog archive. The widget links to stories that are relevant and interesting to readers of a particular post, keeping them engaged with your blog, and increasing your traffic. Easy to use and very easy to install.
Custom Robot Tags
If you do not want old versions of your page showing up in google search it is best to select No Archive (Fig 2)
  • No Archive - Do not show a "Cached" link in search results.

Page Not Found - 404 error
This error can be caused by a broken link. Free Broken Link Checker is one of many tools you can use that will check your site for broken links.
Method - Paste the URL (Fig 3) and get the result (Fig 4). If you have broken links just follow the instructions to find and fix them.

Fig 3 Paste your URL

Fig 4 Results!
Earn Money with Squidoo!
Squidoo is a free site for creating single webpages on your interests and recommendations which can earn money for yourself or charity. Click here for sign-up steps.
Change the Background of a Post>
If you want to make one of your posts stand out you can change the background inserting a color or image. It is done by wrapping your Post content into a "div" element. You can apply this setting anytime to your already published posts  or change/remove it.

How to add a different post Color
1.  When you create a post, switch to Edit HTML, near the Compose tab.
2.  Add the following code at the start of the page and close it off by adding the blue </div> at the  bottom of the page.
4.  Change the green #hex color code or the padding sizes
5.  Select Compose

<div style="background-color: #DCC368; padding: 5px 8px 5px 8px;">
Your post body content goes here...

How to add a different post background image
Follow steps 1 and 2 above but use this code.

<div style="background-image: url(IMAGE-URL-HERE); background-repeat: no-repeat; ">
Your post body content goes here...

3.  Upload an image to Photobucket and copy the url address (http://etc)
4.  Insert the address where it says IMAGE-URL-HERE
5. Select Compose, if you cannot see your entire image you might need to put a few extra 'enters' into the bottom of your post.

Add a Live Traffic Feed
Feedjit Live Free Traffic Feed is one of the best ways to effectively monitor your blog traffic and it’s very easy to use. It clearly shows your visitors’ geographical location, incoming search queries, exit pages, time of visit and other things that can make you deduce a quick analysis on your web traffic. It gives you an insight on what content your visitors are interested in the most.

Simply go to the website and Personalise your Feedjit widget. Where it says "Install Feedjit on my:" select "other website" and copy the code and install it on your website. If you would like your widget to be invisible to those viewing your site copy the code below and paste your Feedjit in between.

<div style="height:0;width:0;overflow:hidden;">
Paste your Feedjit code here</div>

Because your Feedjit is now invisible you can view the visitors to your site by pasting this code into the address bar. It would be a good idea to Bookmark it. If you keep landing on Page Not Found you have not copied the address into the bar correctly, also do not put .au at the end. NOTE: Feedjit can be obstructed by pop-up blockers.


Once your url has been entered it needs to look exactly as the sample above.

Update 2/2/2016- Statcounter has a far superior tracking method that does not compromise privacy and provides clear visitor data. Click here http://buddinggeek.com/why-i-replaced-feedjit-with-statcounter/

Change your Landing Page

Manual instructions for changing your landing page is below.

Happy Blogging!